behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

crazy blue monster socks and other stuff. week two of the three-six-five project

it's time for week two of the 365 project...! 

what did i learn {or re-learn} this week? i remembered that photography is painting with light. using light to create something more. something with depth and emotion. it's using light to create multiple dimensions on a flat canvas... light is what allows you to tell a story in a frame. 
i also learned i wanted to put more oomph into my photos this week. get a little more creative. dig a little deeper instead of just photographing what's quickest (not to say i didn't do that at all on "those days"! but i'm workin' on it!). :) creating something with your whole heart says so much more than creating something with your mind. it creates magic instead of everydayness. i want to put my soul into my work, not just work with my mind. i think that's where creativity comes alive - when you let your heart and soul soar... it shows in your work. this is something i'm working on. 

let's get started... :) 

Tuesday : photo eight: i love it at night when i turn off my main light... and all that's left is the glow of my twinkle-lights surrounding my nightstand. i love the soft shadows left behind, the sleepy, it's time-for-bed feel. i also love that mound of fuzzy fabric scrunched up on my bed... my striped robe. i've had it for ages... i love it. it's the perfect green color, it's soft, warm, and cozy to wear. it even has a hood (could you ask for more??). 

Wednesday : photo nine: i was getting ready for the day... putting on make up, fixing bed head, you know, the normal, when I got this little burst of inspiration. what if I dedicated one full week to selfies? how would that look? i think it could be interesting... you could even do it in increments... different stages of getting ready in the morning (i.e., day one: starting with no make up, day seven: ending ready and dressed). maybe i'll try it this coming week... we will see. for now, here is one of my experimental photos... i feel i look too angelic in this photo (is that possible?! heh), however i am very pleased with the over all photo. i love how my face kind of fades into/out of focus/light. 

Thursday : photo ten: if you ever go into my room in the evening, just as the sun is setting, you will be greeted with a surprise... but only if you will stop and notice. shadows, beautiful, glorious, intricate golden shadows scrolled across the blank blue wall in my bedroom. it's so serene, magical, and yet simple. and so easily overlooked or taken for granted... we must stop and take these little things of beauty in, take the time to let them nourish our soul. these little things are what life is made of... these are the things that make life beautiful. 

Friday : photo eleven: lately it's been reallyreallyreally cold. for texas, anyway. i love it, however. when it's super freezing (that would be 40 degrees for this texan) my family lights this little stove in our living room. and Sunday it was super freezing. and i had a good book calling, and good-book-reading means hot-tea-drinking. which is perfect when this stove is lit because all you have to do is set your tea kettle atop, and voila, in less than five minutes you have hot water ready to go. and then you can happily plop yourself on a blanket in front of it with your hot tea and super awesome book.  

Saturday : photo twelve: it was late saturday night. i was ready to curl up in bed. when low and behold, i remembered... I had yet to take my photo of the day. rough moment. well, i pulled myself up by my fuzzy little socks and got my camera out (respect. this took a lot of self discipline). i searched my room for something to take a photo of. AH, my drawer set over there... it looked kinda cool and shadowed. that did the trick. and i actually really like the result. who knew. 

Sunday : photo thirteen: if you ever come over on a cold evening unannounced, you may find me looking like... this. a fuzzy-wuzzy blue sock wearing nut (and these socks are special because they have even fuzzier-wuzzier cuffs around the ankle as an added bonus!! almost as good as a snuggie. i swear). they're my favorite. oh, and did i forget to mention that when it's cold, i also don't like to wear pj pants - they get all bungled and bangled up when i'm sleeping, and that bugs me. so, instead, i opt for black leggings, shorts, and cozy socks to keep the chill at bay. did i forget to mention i'm special? i also keep christmas lights weaved around my "nightstand" (my very eclective green trunk that once upon a time was my grandpa's!). 

Monday: photo fourteen: 
texture and light. 

ready, set... week three, here i come.   

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  1. I love how you see beauty in the simple things! I can really resonate with your photos and your heart for capturing life with all that you are. :)