behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Friday, July 26, 2013

homey things... apple sauce, fresh herbs, sketching, and of course... hot tea and old maid cats.

Week twenty-eight...

Thursday: photo 196: 
homemade apple sauce. my first time ever making the stuff. and let me tell you. like reallyreally scrape the edges of your bowl good. and the makesyouallwarmandfuzzyinside kind of good. a warm your soul good. :) 

 on the side is a grain/gluten free butternut/peanut butter bar type thing. 

Friday: photo 197:

fresh herbs growing in the garden. all green and alive. 

Saturday: photo 198: 

cleaning out the chicken coop... 'cause that's the cool kind of stuff you get to do when you live out in the country. ;) 

Sunday: photo 199:

sitting on my desk: e.e. cummings. he is good. brilliant, really. lately i've enjoyed thumbing through this collection of various poems he's written. categorized by topic, it was easy to find exactly what you wanted to read. at the beginning of each section was also a brief bit written about cumming's personal life which I also really enjoyed. 

plus the cover is quite pretty, eh? :) 

Monday: photo TWO-HUNDRED (WOOHOO!!!!!) :))) -

P90X and a towering glass of water. trust me, they go hand and hand. 

Tuesday: photo 201: 

lately i've picked back up my pencil and paper for some quiet sketching... for the first time since i was probably around 11ishh. sure, i've doodled here and there since, but not actual "drawing". like drawing a picture kind of drawing. 
when i was little i drew all.the.time. i'm not sure if i just grew tired of it, or if it's just because i got older and more interesting things than sitting still with a pen and paper came into my life... regardless, i stopped. lately the thought of becoming an illustrator has entered my mind, so i've given some time to serious drawing (and tea-drinking...of course)... i've surprised myself with how "right" it's felt. so... we'll see where it leads. :) photography is still definitely on my radar, though... :) 

picture on the left was the end goal for my portrait... 


Wednesday: photo 202: 

miss mo. evening skies, and she's still playing outside in the pretty green grass. 

look up... look down... look all around... (except at the camera of course)

she has some pretty funny facial expressions... :) love her. she's like, "you are so weird. please get that black thing OUT of my debonaire face!!"

Thursday, July 18, 2013

week twenty-seven

Week twenty-seven of my 365 project. 

Thursday: 189: Texas state capitol at dusk. 

evening skies, streetlights, and car lights... life in the city... and i love it. :) 

Friday: 190: moss suspended from the trees outside. 

Saturday: 191: sick sister... this calls for tissues and the old 1970's hardy boys show... 

Sunday: 192: 
mid-way through this week i decided on doing a mini-series... a brief collection of photos centering on a specific set of windows in my home... showing various weather conditions and times of the day... 

 day one: rain. lots and lots of rain. the steady, soft kind that feels reminiscent of beatrix potter. 

Monday: day two (photo 193): sunny skies and warm hues. 

Tuesday: day three (photo 194): nighttime comes and the sky begins it's transition to grey and dark blue... 

Wednesday: day four (photo 195) and then there's sunset hour. beautiful pink and vibrant. God's watercolor in the sky. 

the end.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Austin Tx. State Capitol/HB2/Stand4life

As explained in previous post: this past week a couple of friends, a couple of sisters, and myself traveled a few hours to visit our Texas state capitol to support the HB2 bill (a bill that would help minimize abortions in Texas). 

People in support of the bill (as myself) wore blue. Those opposing wore orange. It was a crazy, uproarious time and I'm not sure I would want to go back... Irrelevant however, as the bill passed on Friday, thank God, and it's all over with. 

Below is a random splattering from my time there. 

Police officers were everywhere keeping a sharp eye out for any mischief/danger (and there was plenty...). 

 Early morning: people waiting in line to register in support or opposition of the bill... 

 the "orange" people would sit around and make signs.... 

Taken during a "blue" rally... this doesn't even show a fourth of the people there... 


In the gallery listening in on the amendments being debated... 

Cowboy hat on desk. So Texas. <3 font="" nbsp="">

A protest breaking out from the orange people. They liked to yell a lot, chant, and yell some more... 

Friend getting interviewed by local news station...

It was an enlightening, interesting trip, but got a little too chaotic at times. Mostly I'm grateful I was able to go there as one of the "blue" people in support of the bill and hopefully of been a light in some small way... I'm so grateful the bill passed! Wendy Davis certainly does NOT represent the majority of Texas women. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

how a red, white and blue jello cake turned out orange, purple, and kind of white... and other things.

I know, i know... this post is a day late (however hopefully not a dollar short? ha.) but i have an excuse. i've been out of town and have had around three minutes access to my computer each day, so you can understand. i'm happy to be updating today however with lots of photos from last week's 365 - week twenty-six!

Tuesday: photo 178: i was very excited for the 4th... it's a fun, carefree, summery holiday dedicated to relaxing, being grateful for the freedom we enjoy in this country, cooking/eating good food, and spending special time with family. i'm one of those people that really get's into being festive. so days before i was all over researching some nifty and overly patriotic foods to make for this summer day. i finally settled on a red, white, and blue jello cake from martha stewart. her's was in perfect, clean tiers of separated colors. weeeeell.... in the end: i made my own healthy jello... it turned out orange, purple (the most offensive) and a yellowish white. and then... i tried layering the jello.... well, i really pretty much knew better, but was impatient and... didn't cool each layer post pouring. the cake turned out like this: 

it sure tasted good though, ha! and maybe it could be deemed as some type of modern art? maybe? 

Wednesday: photo 179: daisy. getting closer and closer to the size of my feet. she's still as sweet (er, spoiled) as ever though. 

look at that face. that's exactly how she cocks her head every time I talk to her. makes my heart melt. 

Friday: photo 180: outside you can see reflections of nature in window's panes. the reflections multiply upon each other and it's lovely.

Saturday: photo 181:

driving down country roads. dust, fields, and sky. 

yes, i'm a little ashamed to admit i took this photo while driving to capture motion. but i promise it was only on a very desolate road whereupon minimal cars traveled... does that make it at least semi-okay?? 

Sunday i took off on a road trip with friends. we were headed up to austin to the state capitol to support the HB2/SB1 bill. 

the following photos I am not dividing into days as that seems a little pointless. just trust that they were taken of the course of 3 days...  

following are photos 182-184:

sitting in a cramped jeep for four hours wasn't particularly comfy, but it was fun. we blasted toby mac, then switch foot, then some josh groban (much to the protest of myself and another riding in the car, ha! most of his work a little over-dramatic for my taste). 

(earlyearly) monday morning we arrived at the texas state capitol. walking towards it from our parked car i snapped this photo... 

the lovely emblems imprinted on the doors. 

the beautiful dome. lovelovelove.

sometime this week (perhaps tomorrow?) i am going to try to share more of my photos from the days up there. 

Wednesday: photo 185: contrasting shadows and patterns and just the everyday. 

Thursday: photo 186: countertop reflections. 

the end.