behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


hello friends! I feel so terrible for having left my blog MIA for the past two or so weeks. but, it's been pretty much out of my control for 3 reasons. #1. no internet for the first week here at my new house. #2. my computer cord decided to disapear. I'm still looking for it. #bummer. (right now I can use my sister's computer but only for short spurts of time). #3. I'm missing my memory card downloader. frusterating. so, between not having my laptop and not having a memory card downloader and internet being scarce I've been a very lame blogger. as soon as I get things together though I'm going to do a nice long post about my new house and all. but, for now, this is all... and a picture of a key that I already had downloaded onto my flickr. yes, I bet this is the most exciting post you've seen all week. *ehem* also, I have a prayer request. :) I'm really, really, really wanting to go to IPS in Colorado for the PWP2 course this September. I would absoulutly love to go. but not only would I need to save for the actual course, but also for quite a bit of new equimpent (and the plane ticket). and, unfortuantly, finances at this time are not permitting. sooo, prayers as to if it's God's will for me to go that He would provide financially would be fantastic. thanks guys!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just wanted to say...

I have been super lame on blogger because I have had no internet since moving to my new house (yes, I'm finally moved, can you believe it?!). but, we're getting internet put in today (can someone say "yay"??), so I hope to be back in the swing of things soon. just wanted to let you guys know.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sir beaux and miss topsy.

this is beaux. up until this past week I was hired to go and visit/play with him every friday. with moving I knew I wouldn't get to see him anymore, so I wanted a good picture of him. I was very happy with it. I mean, look at that face. can't get much more presh.


and this is topsy. she's my cat. she's really quite beautiful. she looks fierce in this photo, but she's really very subdued.


Sooo, yes, hope you guys enjoyed. <3

p.s. I'm finally moving on Thursday. happy? yes. please pray it's an uncomplicated and pleasant move!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


hello dear friends,

sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been trying my best, but with moving it's been pretty crazy.

here are a couple of photos I took this past saturday when I was over at my new house and we brought over a few boxes to unpack (we're still not moved though).
I took these in my sister's room.

perfume bottles and pretty light...

she was unpacking books onto her bookshelf. I love the blurriness of this photo with the soft focus on her face.


thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

when I was little, I was always creating stuff. mostly stuff to place with. I had a lot of fun when I was a kid. one of my favorite things to mess around with was sculpey. this awesome clay stuff that you'd sculpt into whatever your little heart desires, and then bake it. really cool stuff. so, I used to have a heck of a lot of fun with it. yesterday I was going through some of my stuff (with moving comes a lot of that) and came across some of my old sculpey creations. they were just laying there all cute. so how could I resist. I whipped out Gidget and snapped a few.

yeah, the pig has a lot of burgers & fries. he likes to eat. behind him is a tree. with a big nest right on top. with cute round little birdies in it. I think the birdies are my fav (see pic below).


the birdie fam.

other random animals and their beds.


so, yes, that's my post for today. not the most exciting, I know. ha. thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a new house, lots of boxes, and little figurines.

below is a bunch of randomization from the house I'll soon be moving to. brace yourself.

that's my {new} room... at the end of the hall. this is just a sneak peek though. when I get moved in the room, and get it all decorated and awesome, I will do a room tour.

I'm in .love. with the color {though the photo doesn't quite do it justice}. it's -just- what I wanted. a perfect silvery, dreamy blue color.

a white bunny and glass vases. some of the first items in my new room.

and this is the house.


I brought my first box of things to my new bedroom; some random ballet pictures, glass vases, a ballerina/nutcracker snow globe (my parents gave it to me dance recital year before last... I love it. I love snow globes in general. there's something intriguing about them), a (vintage) Alice in Wonderland figurine and her white little bunny, and a (vintage) ballerina figurine.

this ballerina is just so cool.


this will be my last box until we actually move though. most everything else I have in my room is stuff I use on a regular basis.

there's Giuseppe. he's a sweet<3. he was just chillin' around while we were unloading boxes from our trailed. good golly, he's the hardest dog to take pictures of though. this is a rare capture. 


boxes. lots of boxes. and so.many.more to come when we actually move. fun, fun.

yeah, so, that's a peak into what my new world will be like. it's really weird, moving. it'll be a big change, overnight, literally. from living in a very city neighborhood, close to everything, to out in the country on a lot of land that's far from a lot (a good 30 min. into town). it has it's pros though. a few of the pros are that I will have a lot of lovely land to do photography on... that's .really. exciting for me. I'm also really excited for my new bedroom. I have some cool decorating ideas for it, which I'm really excited to put into motion. and as I said earlier, I l-o-v-e the color. I'm also in love with the fact that it has wood flooring. I have a .strong. dislike for the carpet in my current bedroom. although l really will miss the three big windows I have in my current bedroom. but, oh well.

in my new room, I have a walk in closet. that's exciting. I have no closet at all in my current bedroom.

m'kay, so, I guess that's all.