behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Extra-Extra! Friday!

The weekend is approaching! This means a new Friday of extra photos to enjoy. A random sprinkling of excess photos from last week's 365.

apple with cinnamon. 

below the blackberries are out of focus and the angle is off. overall it's just not a really great photo. it's still kind of cute however so i'm posting it anyway...

random photos of a mug i created (in some sense of the word - i scribbled my favorite quotes on it... quotes of Fitzgerald's abound!). 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

bird's nests, blackberries, chia tea (YUM!), homemade gummies, and my new "spider pod"....

Opening up a new week of my 365... week twenty-one! This past week I struggled more than usual to put my heart into my photographs. Finding new to photograph in the old felt like I was trying to squeeze water out of a dry sponge. Surprisingly, however, my photos didn't turn out entirely horrible despite my seeming lack of enthusiasm and inspiration... I'm actually moderately happy with my photos this week (something I can't always say even on those weeks when I feel most inspired!). 
Most of all I pushed through the cloud and that's what matters! I think this week will be better. That's something I like about doing this project - every week feels like a new page.

Tuesday: photo one-hundred-forty-one: blackberries. they're coming in like crazy. and i l.o.v.e. it! we have this huge blackberry  bush on our land and i love slipping on my plaid rain boots to go out picking. i love blackberry season. it feels so poetic to go out and pick blackberries. maybe it's just me but that's how i feel. something about picking your own food that feels... reminiscent. old fashion, simple, and raw.

Wednesday: one-hundred-forty-two:
i am aware those speckles in my drink loosely resemble little brown bugs, but bear with me... it's merely none other than the all astounding chia tea!! my new favorite. let me explain. what are chia seeds? chia seeds... they're a seed. and they're full of omega 3s and fiber! and when these crunchy little seeds are soaked in water, they develop a gelatinous coating that makes these guys super yum when paired with tea and a sweetener. very reminiscent of bubble tea (oh, don't know what bubble tea is? look it up! because it's also amazing!). i like mine best with freshly brewed rose tea, a bit of creamer and stevia to taste. if you have texture issues however these may not be your thing... but to me drinking these little guys... it feels literally like a party in my mouth... so you need to try this so you can at least say you tried. 

Thursday: photo one-hundred-forty-three: 
gummies are yummies. yes, they are. especially when you make them yourself!! these beautiful little gummy bears (and gummy stars because when you eat these guys you really are a star! and yes now i'm spiraling off into cornball space) are free of all refined sugar and other nasty stuff. instead these are filled with real fruit, fruit juice, and stevia to sweeten. found this wonderful recipe *here.

Friday: photo one-hundred-forty-four:
 it was that moment of horror. that boom-putter-putter you hear when you drop your iPod. i'd dropped it before... but this apparently was that one last fatal drop that did me in. i picked it up from it's face down position... and, my jaw dropped. it'd happened. my screen had cracked. from edge to edge. in it's defense, it still works... and in my defense, i wasn't really being careless, but sometimes things just slip from your grip. anyway, to make myself feel better until i'm able to get it fixed i have renamed it my spiderpod (you know, since it has a "web" running across it's exterior). this at least makes the crack a touch endearing...

Saturday: photo one hundred-forty-five: 
outside on my front porch i was so pleased the other day. a birds nest with two beautiful little birds to gourd! i can't say what kind of birds they are, but they're so very lovely. look at that little pinch of autumn orange just beneath their beaks. such a rich color. the first photo pictures that daddy bird perched atop a windows edge. the second photo is of the mommy bird in her nest. 

I was very pleased to have been able to capture such close-up photos of these little guys. what fun! 

they were perched directly across from the other, watching their surroundings with sharp eyes. 

Sunday: photo one-hundred-forty-six: 
my family already has four (indoor) dogs. well here comes this little lady... a pitiful little stray my sister picked up and brought to our door. i desperately argue in favor that we in no way shape nor form need yet another dog. but i'm afraid she may be here to stay... we'll see... 

^ she is a cute little thing... can you say expressive?? 

she's the type of dog that just likes to be near you... 

Monday: photo one-hundred-forty-seven: 
getting laptop work done in the morning hours.... light streaming in through nearby windows... a fresh new everyday-day. 

that's a wrap.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Extra-Extra Friday. lots of chickens.

Extra-extra Friday. Enjoy these "extra" photos.


struttin' those wings... 

fly, little birdie...


more chickens. 

really like how this shot came out. this chick's name is toucan. :) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

week twenty: summertime desserts, summer light, and new books...

Grateful to have completed another week of my 365 project... week twenty. And I just realized I enjoy the way the number twenty looks and sounds. And that's a good thing, I think, because I will be twenty years old this year (and that fact scares me a pinch). 

Tuesday: photo one-hundred-thirty-four: summertime has some of the best desserts. okay, not really because fall has some of the most warming desserts. but i do particularly love the lightness of summer's desserts. so i was thrilled to receive in my mail box martha stewart's latest magazine (love her magazine-and who doesn't, the woman is genius) filled with summer's fruitiest, easiest, most refreshing summer treats. this one in particular caught my eye - pureed mango (and if you've been reading my blog long you know how i feel about mango...YUM) with a bit of lime and chilled. it kinda-sorta looks amazing. definitely going to try this one soon (and you should too)! 

Wednesday: photo one-hundred-thirty-five: it's this time of day that i love the most. it's when the air is calm and the breeze is cool and all is winding up after a long day. 

Thursday: photo one-hundred-thirty-five: life. 

Friday: photo one-hundred-thirty-seven: torn happily open at all angles... a new book. it took ages in the coming, however it finally arrived. "black as night" by regina doman. i've read more than several of her other books from this series: "fairy tale retold". these books are so very good - modern, realistic retellings of grimm's fairy tales. the stories are warm, inviting, wholesome, suspenseful, and always end with a good message. 

Saturday: photo one-hundred-thirty-eight: new SD card! and all i can be grateful for is that my last one broke at a time when i hadn't just done an important photo shoot... or shot a wedding... or something huge like that. nope, just broke with everyday photos on it - grateful! 

Sunday: photo one-hundred-thirty-nine: a new morning: not full of sunshine and rays of light. cloudy, dark, thought provoking, and... vaguely depressing, but in a deep way that i vaguely of enjoy. 

Saturday: photo one-hundred-forty: chirp chirp. a new batch of chicken's have arrived at my house. they're precious. rhode island reds. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

extra-extra.... Monday??

This is the type of thing that makes me feel irresponsible... the type of thing that makes me feel I will forevermore fail at being an adult... forgetting to post several Friday's worths of extra-extras. Silly though it may be, I do wonder sometimes if I can't keep up with something as simple as blogging, how will I ever keep up with anything else in life??! ha. Well, I suppose it really doesn't matter if you fail, as long as you pick yourself back up, right?? So here is to having an extra-extra on a Monday! :) (with this Friday's extra-extra being back on schedule). Please enjoy this random scattering of photos! 

 (homemade almond butter)