behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sunshine, clouds, fruit, and happiness... 365: week ten

Guess what - it's week ten of the 365! that's exciting - definitely a marking point. in honor of this i have revamped my blog's look to give it a cleaner appeal... i'm not completely sure i'm done tinkering with the overall look yet, however - we will see. i feel it looks a little cold... so i may try to give it a overall warmer vibe, i'm not sure yet. i want this blog to look clean, but yet i still want it to also have a warm nostalgic feel too! 

looking over my photos for this week i noticed a running theme... they all seem to capture the essence of spring's arrival... clouds, fresh fruit, etc. i'm really excited for the carefree days of summer approaching so i guess that interweaved subconsciously into my daily photos. anyone else excited for spring and summertime? the blue skies... the clouds.... the fresh air and brilliant sun, flip flops and bare feet, big salads and fresh fruit... it's all coming and it's a great thing! 

please enjoy this week's 365...! 

Wednesday: photo sixty-two: the clouds in the blue sky were few, but they were there, and wow, were they pretty ones. the remind me of ruffles in the sea. soft and rippling. 

Thursday: photo sixty-three: morning. just give me my coffee please. don't talk to me until i've had my coffee, please. thank you. 

 Friday: photo sixty-four: there's always that dilemma at the end of a day when you realize you haven't taken your 365 photo of the day. and you wonder around aimlessly in your pjs wondering what to take a photo of. forget good lighting - it's gone. blah. however i ended up seeing my houseshoes lying outside my bedroom door and loved the deep and intricate shadowing. 

Saturday: photo sixty-five: front porch, sunlight, fresh air. i love how you can see reflections of the sky in the window. 
Sunday: photo sixty-six: forget butter fingers... i'm cinnamon fingers! my new favorite thing is to slice up fresh apples onto a pan, sprinkle (too much) cinnamon and stevia (a natural sweetener) atop, and bake a short time at 350. happiness right there, my friends! 

all gone. 

Monday: photo sixty-seven: this lovely photograph was a "selfie" by gigi (wink wink) when she was doing her dress up photo shoot for HER page here on this blog. ah, yes, she is a spoiled thing. definitely don't forget to go check out her page HERE to read about her and see all her lovely selfies... i can assure you that you will - at the least - get a kick out of it. :) 

Tuesday: photo sixty-eight: do you know where the phrase "cat in the bag" originated? no? well neither do i. but i do know that cats really do like bags. especially mine. he has found a whole food's paper bag and claimed it his own. so much so that it even has "howdy's home" scrolled in green marker on the top. 

that's it! don't forget to take a look around at the new pages here (about gigi) and here (about yours truly!)! 

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  1. Ahhh, Spring looks devine. :) Liking the new look...and love the music!