behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Month one of 365 - Check!

Week four of the three-sixty-five! that's something I'm pretty happy about. i'm still really enjoying this project and learning a lot - even though on some days it's wearing. sometimes it seems you've already exhausted your supply of resources/creativity (though you never can truly run out of things to take photos of... creativity is limitless. and there will always be new angles, places, and emotions to fill a frame).  

this week... what have i learned this week? i'm getting better at figuring out what settings i'd like to put my camera on for what outcome. as i've already addressed - i do know how to shoot on manual with ease, however i've never explored my full range of creativity. there's such a plethora of options and many different outcomes you can get just by adjusting a few things. perhaps that's why i've never tinkered with creative exposures too much... it intimidates me (which is silly). however my mantra for this year, 2013, is... does this make me afraid? yes? then DO IT!. so that's what i'm doing (in many corners of my life)!

i love that this project pushes you everyday to dig a little deeper... push just a tiny bit further. there's no stopping, so you're actually growing. growth takes consistency - not doing a little here, a little there, taking a break because you get discouraged... that doesn't work. it's consistent hard work that creates a masterpiece. this project doesn't leave room for discouragement... you're constantly goinggoinggoing. moving on and forward. 
this photo stinks? heck, i'm taking a new one tomorrow. and i'm getting better so today's photo is of very little significance. it just works really well mentally for me. 

these words are so true. creativity does take courage. a lot of courage, sometimes. it's scary to be out of the box. goodness, anything you don't want to fail at is scary. the more you want something, the more the thought of failing at that something makes you afraid. but that's okay. be okay with that.

Anyway, please enjoy my week four of the 365...!

Wednesday: photo twenty-two: on cloudy winter days, full of mist and cool air, i love to look out my window and wonder at the silhouetted branches reaching out to the sky. their branches all so intricate and delicate. i think it's almost as beautiful as the fresh green leaves that sprout from them come spring. 

Thursday: photo twenty-three: i like painting my nails. especially my finger nails... but sometimes my toenails too. the other day I had some extra time to paint them. what to choose? too many pretty colors! so... why not do both? yes, good idea. :) 

Friday: photo twenty-four: putting on makeup in the morning... sometimes it just looks so everyday and candid all strewn about... i like that. 

 Saturday: photo twenty-five: a good time to take photos? first thing in the morning, of course! preferably while you're still in your pjs... and from the reflection of yourself coming off the tv screen. hey, at least give me kudos for being original (aka it wasn't a mirror). this style of photography is called ghetto-ography. it's the coolest and is on the rise.  

Sunday: photo twenty-six: working at my desk in my room. i like it. it's quite, i have a big window with huge tree branches sprawling about. i like my desk. it's old - it was my mom's when she was in high school. i like the stuff sitting on my desk. i really like my cd player. it looks like a record player. 
to the right of my laptop (miss channel) i have the book i'm currently reading (Red, by tedd dekker) and a bottle of "peace and calming" essential oil. 

(do i get bonus points for hitting up two photos here?)

Monday: photo twenty-seven: when i'm photo editing i've found i often feel the need to make notes... such as if i'd like to go back to a photo and try it out in black and white later. or... other random notes i find helpful to keep. using pencil, the writing rubs right off with minus damage done. this is also a good place to write to-do lists. you're welcome. :)  

Tuesday: photo twenty-nine: my camera bag. that really isn't a camera bag. but it works as one. one day when i'm a rich and very famous photographer (*winkwink*) i will have a profesh bag with organized compartments. in the main time, this does it's job well enough. and, at least it looks cool (or i think it does). 

okay guys, that's it for this week! thanks for looking! :) stay posted for next week! 


  1. My absolute favorite photo is the one of your desk with your computer against the window.... Not sure why, but the colors are just PERFECT. and Pinterest=awesome! :D

  2. Oh so lovely Rebecca.

    The desk is actually older then that. It was Grandpa's when he was a little boy...He just turned 83. Pretty amazing isn't it? Just think of what that desk has seen in it's life...The stories it could tell...