behind the lens:

behind the lens:
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Austin Tx. State Capitol/HB2/Stand4life

As explained in previous post: this past week a couple of friends, a couple of sisters, and myself traveled a few hours to visit our Texas state capitol to support the HB2 bill (a bill that would help minimize abortions in Texas). 

People in support of the bill (as myself) wore blue. Those opposing wore orange. It was a crazy, uproarious time and I'm not sure I would want to go back... Irrelevant however, as the bill passed on Friday, thank God, and it's all over with. 

Below is a random splattering from my time there. 

Police officers were everywhere keeping a sharp eye out for any mischief/danger (and there was plenty...). 

 Early morning: people waiting in line to register in support or opposition of the bill... 

 the "orange" people would sit around and make signs.... 

Taken during a "blue" rally... this doesn't even show a fourth of the people there... 


In the gallery listening in on the amendments being debated... 

Cowboy hat on desk. So Texas. <3 font="" nbsp="">

A protest breaking out from the orange people. They liked to yell a lot, chant, and yell some more... 

Friend getting interviewed by local news station...

It was an enlightening, interesting trip, but got a little too chaotic at times. Mostly I'm grateful I was able to go there as one of the "blue" people in support of the bill and hopefully of been a light in some small way... I'm so grateful the bill passed! Wendy Davis certainly does NOT represent the majority of Texas women. 

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