behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

why this project is perfection // nail polish// a desperately-failing-cinderella wanna-be, and a broken dishwasher.

I'll go ahead and say it and join the myriad of other photographers who've proclaimed similar - the 365 project is the best thing I have ever done for my photography. ever. I think I may even rank it above going to  a couple of (albeit very good and extremely fun) photography courses... or at least rank it on level ground. why? because i'm just learning so much! to dig a little deeper: it's teaching me my style of photographs so much better than anything else I have ever done. not someone else's. not what you like. but what I like. 
it's teaching me to capture the feel I want in my photos - i still have so far to go but i'm making baby steps forward. 
it's teaching my perseverance with my photography - that it's okay to take some bad photos - that doesn't mean you're horrible at photography. there will be tomorrow and  you may or may not take a better photo then - but either way you're moving forward in some way. 
it's taught (and is definitely still teaching me!) how catch the genuine magic in the everyday - I still have much further to go here, but i've taken steps forward. it's taught me to dig deeper. when my creativity is lower than low, I dig down. I see what I'm made of and I grow a little. 
it's taught me that i love wider apertures - I always thought I liked smaller apertures 90% of the time. it's teaching me not to be afraid of my camera. things that you just don't really grasp until you've practiced consistently. so yes - it's also shown me how incredibly vital consistent practice is! not just sporadic pick-up-my-camera-only-when-i-have-an-offical-photoshoot-happening. that doesn't work. no wonder I had become so irritated with my work. I still get irritated with my work - but it doesn't bother me nearly so much now because I know that I just need to keep moving forward and things will improve! 

and so I close with my little spill. you'd think some company was sponsoring me to promote the 365 project, ha. ;) 
without further ado:  week sixteen/365: 

Thursday: photo one-hundred-seven: baking homemade cookies... warm deliciousness straight from the oven. no more needn't be said. 

Friday: photo one-hundred-eight: sewing formal dress for a spring ball... mid afternoon with light streaming through windows and cinderella playing in the background. i worked sew hard on it (tehe, get it? of course you do. corny pun #2100) and was on pins and needles to get it done in time... 

(^what you don't need to know: that said dress turned out to fit in... er, a very unfitting way... and in the end had to wear a dress i already had). 

Saturday: photo one-hundred-nine: day of spring ball came. i painted my nails the colors of a french manicure and felt quite elegant (who doesn't with white on the tips of their fingers?).

Sunday: photo one-hundred-ten: 
dishes in the washer. dishwasher broke (you don't need to know what this is like in a family of six) and so there the dishes go in the washer not to wash... but to dry. 

Monday: photo one-hundred-eleven: bird outside my window. red birds are the loveliest. i rarely ever manage to grab my camera in time when i see a chirping creature out my window - this time i did however. and no sooner after did it go flying back to the sky. 

Tuesday: photo one-hundred-twelve: salads. big, huge salads with colorful yumminess as a topping. summertime approaching will make you crave the leafy greens like no other time of the year does. it's just so right to have a super sized fresh salad on a warm evening... it just fits. 

this salad i made had pineapple, salsa, and sunflowers seeds. so good! 

Wednesday: photo one-hundred-thirteen: 
in the morning upon waking up... still all house shoe worn and bed head abundant, my kitties will come up to me, rubbing against my legs, purring, whatever it takes to get their little ear's rubbed and their backs scratched. of course i'm happy to oblige and they make my morning all the merrier (and ohdear, now i *know i sound like a true old maid/crazy cat woman). 

the end. :)  

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  1. Oh gosh, broken dishwasher. >_< I don't want to know. Washing dishes has never been my favorite thing, haha!
    Also, your salad looks AMAZING. :D