behind the lens:

behind the lens:
hi! i'm rebecca. i'm the face behind this blog and these photos. in short: i'm a christ follower, tea lover, book reader, and... photographer. in length: visit my "about me" page in the tab above. in other news: i am currently exploring the 365 project... so hop along with me and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back from the Institute of Photographic Study. A few pictures.

Saturday evening I returned from IPS. It's good to be home, but also sad. Just because I had such an amazingly wonderful time over at IPS.

I learned a lot. A lot, a lot. And this is really exciting! :0) Anyway, just wanted to share a few pictures I took while I was at IPS....

Below is me taking a picture during a photoshoot. I and my fellow photographer where trying to find something that said "hot". I saw this cool room and went in. There was a mirror mounted on the wall, so I took a snap. I love how empty the room is and also the light reflecting off the floor.

IMG_1607 by you.

This photo is of a bride's gloves. It was when we where at a botanical garden one day doing a photoshoot. I was looking for a picture that would say "peace". I saw the bride, and asked if I could take a picture of her.

A picture I took of one of my classmates...

A butterfly. I've never been able to get a picture of a butterfly before. So I was really happy with this. :0) I really love this picture. Especially because it kind of has a dreamy-esque feel.

Anyway, that's all I have time for right now. I might put up more later...I'm not sure.

If you'd like a more detailed overview about my time at IPS and more pictures, visit my other blog at Sunny Days.

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Great pictures Rebecca! I wish I could have gone to IPS!!! Glad you had a good time!

  2. And you forgot to add that you won a prize for your "peace" (the bride) picture and it got posted on the IPS website!!! :D

    (Sorry y'all...big sister has to brag a little here.) ;)

  3. Wonderful photos...and what a great time you had! I would love to go sometime.